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Think Your Way to Wealth
Think Your Way to Wealth
Think Your Way to Wealth
Audiobook10 hours

Think Your Way to Wealth

Written by Napoleon Hill

Narrated by Erik Synnestvedt and Don Hagen

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

This audio treasury of wisdom. Think Your Way to Wealth captures Napoleon Hill's first encounter with Andrew Carnegie, who revealed the money-attracting strategy that Hill later made popular in classic books like Think and Grow Rich and The Law of Success.
In 1908, while working as a reporter for an inspirational magazine, Hill landed an interview with industrial giant, Andrew Carnegie. Hill had just one key question for the magnate: What is the secret to your success? Carnegie's response electrified Hill and launched him on a lifelong mission to distill the steps to success into a clear, definite protocol that could be used by any motivated person.
Think Your Way to Wealth captures Carnegie's initial advice, how-to's, practical steps, and concrete directions-all of which formed the basis for Hill's groundbreaking books, and jump-started the field of business motivation.
PublisherAscent Audio
Release dateJul 11, 2011
Think Your Way to Wealth

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill was the world-renowned bestselling author of Think and Grow Rich.

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