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A Man's Job to Do

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Growing up in North Eastern Missouri during the closing years of the Civil War, young Otis Willoughby finds himself tryin' to sort through the confusing issues that surround him. There are some mighty good people in the world. There are also some mighty bad examples available.

While Otis doesn't fully understand what makes people the way they are, he is quick to notice that there is a difference. He soon realizes that in order to become a man you need to stay alive long enough to do it. He is also aware that many of the people didn't want to see that happen. Amidst the hatred, deceit, mistrust, and corruption in the world around him he finds love, compassion, trust, and family pride. Along the way he becomes a man. Otis is guided on his journey by a man with uncommon wisdom, a good understanding of human nature, and a lifetime of experience - his grandfather Nathaniel Franklin, a man called Pap.

The first in a series of books that pertain to the problems of the difficult transition from being a boy to becoming a man worthy of expectations that have been placed on him.

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