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No Peace for the Damned
No Peace for the Damned
No Peace for the Damned
Audiobook7 hours

No Peace for the Damned

Written by Megan Powell

Narrated by Christina Traister

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Magnolia Kelch is no stranger to pain. Beautiful and powerful, she's spent her entire life at the mercy of her sadistic father and the rest of the Kelch clan, who have tortured her and tested the limits of her powers. After one particularly heinous night that leaves Magnolia nearly dead, she finally sees her chance for escape…

But this first taste of freedom is short-lived when she collides with Thirteen, head of the Network-a secret organization dedicated to fighting supernatural criminals-who recruits her into the group. Even as she's coming to grips with this new life and the horrific memories that still haunt her, she's conflicted by her growing attraction to fellow team member Theo and the emergence of new, untested abilities. After months of grueling training, her loyalty to the team is tested when she learns her target is the Network's most wanted: the Kelch family.

Revenge may course through her veins, but so does the blood of the Kelches. And opposing her family may cost her the thing she treasures most. After all, Magnolia is still a Kelch. And the Kelch are damned.

Release dateJul 10, 2012
No Peace for the Damned

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Reviews for No Peace for the Damned

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    An Amazing First NovelNo Peace For The Damned is defiantly not your typical YA Paranormal Romance book. It has all the main ingredients, supernatural abilities, an undeniable mystical connection between the lovers that logic would say should never be together., an enormous problem or dangerous task that must be solved. However she also adds a darker element. While other authors glance over torture or abuse suffered by their characters Ms. Powell dose not shield her reader from the details understanding that in order to understand the character and her state of mind the reader must experience her pain.It's unabashed tales of the sadistic torture "Mags" endured and her inner and gripping fear as well as the instinct to doubt the motives of those around her has a ring of truth. Often survivors of abuse feel they are unworthy of love. That any overtures of kindness and caring are a ploy to trick them in to letting their guard down in order to hurt them yet again. They story I have found is truly a broken woman's journey learning that not everyone wants to hurt her that it is OK to crack the door and start to let others in.
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
    Magnolia comes from of family of wealth and power. These powers include the political and supernatural realm. Her father uncles and brothers all have supernatural powers but her own surpass all of theirs. As a result she was subjected to daily physical torture at the hands of her family. Eventually she escapes and becomes involved with the Network whose main mission seems to be to kill her family. I enjoyed this books and it was a page turner but im still a bit confused about the world this story takes place in and the bigger picture. Id like to see more about how prevalent supernatural powers are and does everyone know about them. Also I like to know more about the network. Hopefully some of these questions and the bigger picture will be further explained in future novels.