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The Peterkin Papers
The Peterkin Papers
The Peterkin Papers
Audiobook4 hours

The Peterkin Papers

Written by Lucretia P. Hale

Narrated by Susan McCarthy

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Originally appearing as a series of short stories in a children's magazine, The Peterkin Papers is a collection of tales of a hysterically inept family named The Peterkins.

The Peterkin's unfortunate lack of common sense causes hilarious unintended consequences nearly everytime they have an idea. The Peterkins muddle through life's challenges with love and cooperation, but when they come to their wits' end, they know they need help. The Peterkins decide to consult the wise, sensible "Lady from Philadelphia" who manages to extricate them from their troubles with sensible commonplace solutions.

Table of Contents
Chapter 01: The Lady Who Put Salt In Her Coffee
Chapter 02: About Elizabeth Eliza's Piano
Chapter 03: The Peterkins Try To Become Wise
Chapter 04: Solomon John's Book
Chapter 05: Mrs. Peterkin Wishes To Go To Drive
Chapter 06: The Peterkins At Home. At Dinner
Chapter 07: Why The Peterkins Had A Late Dinner
Chapter 08: The Peterkins' Summer Journey
Chapter 09: The Peterkins Snowed-Up
Chapter 10: The Peterkins Decide To Keep A Cow
Chapter 11: The Peterkins' Christmas-Tree
Chapter 12: Mrs. Peterkin's Tea-Party
Chapter 13: The Peterkins Too Late For The Exhibition
Chapter 14: The Peterkins Celebrate The Fourth Of July
Chapter 15: The Peterkins' Picnic
Chapter 16: The Peterkins' Charades
Chapter 17: The Peterkins Are Obliged To Move
Chapter 18: The Peterkins Decide To Learn The Languages
Chapter 19: Modern Improvements At The Peterkins'
Chapter 20: Agamemnon's Career
Chapter 21: The Educational Breakfast
Chapter 22: The Peterkins At The "Carnival Of Authors" In Boston
Chapter 23: The Peterkins At The Farm
Release dateJan 1, 2004

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