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The Links of Life

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The links that make up the chain of events that shape and direct our lives can either be a source of freedom or a source of oppression. Each new link can bring us one step closer to the life of our dreams, or drag us one level further down the path to failure. When you look back retrospectively over the time leading up to a particular culminating event, it all makes so much sense. You can see the story of your life. When you are in the thick of it however, there is a lot to learn.

In this audio program, you’ll learn what links of life really are: good or bad - the propelling factor of links, creating links that reflect your personal purpose and vision, what to do to begin an extraordinary chain of events, serendipity – the conscious act of automatically setting yourself on a path strewn with opportunity, what to do when the link breaks or disconnects, how to impartially take a look at the links in your life right now, and find the day that turned your life around…or is it still in the future?

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