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Murder in Foggy Bottom

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In Margaret Truman's latest mystery, the scene opens with an obscure death in Washington's Foggy Bottom, home of the State Department, shifts to mass
murder in the downing of aircraft, and then moves on to mayhem in the
streets of the new Moscow. Leaving an airport near New York, a D.C.-bound commuter plane falls to earth. At almost the same time, another crash occurs. And then...

Firmly ruling out coincidence, investigators seek means and motive. The
means are soon apparent: small-scale weaponry with large-scale impact. Their country of origin? A place where nearly everything - hardware, information, love - can be found for a price. Max Pauling, a State Department investigator, seasoned, good-looking, and hard to fool, quickly takes off on a trail still as warm as the smoking wreckage.

A host of vivid characters people the narrative, including a lovely State
Department analyst who finds herself attracted to undercover types; a
militia leader in Idaho who leads his people into gunfire; a reporter at
odds with his boss but not with a good story; and a secretary of state who
loves baseball slightly more than her job.

Fast-paced and informative about flying, food, statecraft, and the violent
"wetwork" under the dryly elegant exterior of diplomacy, Margaret Truman's
Murder in Foggy Bottom is another winner in the Capital Crimes series.

Praise for Margaret Truman
"A first-rate mystery writer, said Charles Champlin in the Los Angeles Times
Book Review, "drawing on an I-was-there expertise that
makes the Washington scene clang with credibility."

"She can write suspense with the best of them," says Larry King.

Her work is "the most satisfying sort of popular fiction, a thoughtful
thriller," adds The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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