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The Journal

8 hours


Thirty-two-year-old Janet Stevens was resolved to the fact that she may never get married. If she did, it would probably be to someone who would just fit into her lifestyle. Janet was an artist and a very independent young woman. Her mother, an immigrant from Scotland, died very suddenly from a heart attack at the age of fifty-one, and while cleaning out her mom's house she found a Journal written in her mother's handwriting. She decided to wait until she moved up to her new home in the beautiful Wine Country of California before sitting down to read the Journal. On a stormy day, sitting by the fire in her new home in Boonville, she started to read. It surprised her that her mother even kept a journal. At first it was fun to read about her mom as a young girl but further on secrets and deceptions came to the surface that hurt and confused her. She decides to take a trip to Elgin, the heart of Moray, in the mystical Highlands of Scotland where she hoped to unravel the secrets and lies. She was not prepared, however, to meet the man Jonathan Grant, son of a wealthy Scottish laird. This was the man that seemed to have eluded her for so long. But why did she have to meet him on such a distant shore.

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