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On Spain's Costa Brava, passion and intrigue are everywhere - especially in the hearts of those who dwell there. As the dictator Franco teeters on the edge of death - a death that will completely overturn the political structure of Spain - two couples are entwined. One, a husband and wife bored with the existence they have drifted into. The other, a passionate, combative pair who relish every moment of life. Into this potent mix a young American arrives, seeking his missing lover - bringing a shadow of danger into the machinations already at work.

Soon the political tension in the country reaches the breaking point, and that danger becomes an all-too-stark reality…as a heartrending misunderstanding unravels the fragile bonds of love and loyalty, and leads to a tragedy that will forever change the lives of everyone it touches.

"A terrific yarn spinner." - Chicago Sun-Times

"Lescroart's a pro." - Jonathan Kellerman

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