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The Ice Box Killer: A Lake Alamo Mystery

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Haylie nodded and looked at the girl. She was stiff, and her normally serious face was permanently stuck in a look of terror. It scared her. And though Haylie had been to murder scenes before, as a Texas Ranger. But it had been years and she forgot how overwhelming the smell could be.
Haylie couldn't imagine losing a child. Not for the first time in her career, Haylie felt like breaking down and crying. She knew that it could've just as easily happened to her children. But she couldn't imagine it. It hurt too much.

It seems like a great day for a family picnic when Haylie, the sheriff, gets a call that changes everything. Lake Alamo, a town that hasn't seen a murder since in twenty years (to the day) is suddenly shaken by the news that one of their own has been found dead in her home. Though she's on vacation, Haylie leaves to start investigating, though it only seems to lead to dead ends.
Feeling it's their duty to help their sister and save the town they love, Rachel and Kayla chip in to bring the murderer to justice. The sisters have to work together to find the killer, someone who has been living right under their noses the whole time, and they have to do it before it's too late.

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