A Deniable Death

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A Deniable Death

Written by Gerald Seymour

Narrated by Ralph Cosham

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars3/5 (17 ratings)
Length: 15 hours


This standout title from a virtuoso talent takes readers inside a secretive op to assassinate a man in Iran responsible for rigging many of the roadside bombs used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Through the eyes of our hero, a talented surveillance operative suddenly plucked from home country duty, saddled with a partner he can't stand, and dropped into the steaming marshland outside the bad guy's house, Seymour shows us what it's actually like to be a modern spy and soldier, inching carefully through the reeds, hiding every aspect of your existence - from your smell to your shadow. And knowing that success will save thousands of lives, but that failure will result in your government's denial of your very existence.
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