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Matt's Last Call: Surviving Our Protectors

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Life does not train you for this. Tragedies like this can easily separate you from your sanity. All the usual unanswerable questions begin to flood your mind. And so the blame game moves on. Maybe as parents we were at fault. On and on it goes. Almost from the beginning, however, the Lord would not permit me to go there. There seemed to be some God-ordained plan in motion that would turn this evil into something good.

When Julie Zielinski's fun-loving, marine, sheriff deputy son commits suicide, her world comes crashing down.

Questions flood her mind: How could she have stopped this? What next? And mostly, why? As Julie grieves her son in Matt's Last Call: Surviving Our Protectors, she reflects on the life he lived and the memories she will hold onto forever.

For instance, the time his captain allowed him a leave from the marine corps in order to spend time with his ill grandfather in Hawaii. Or remembering what he looked like in his oversized baseball cap and uniform.

Her energetic son turned into a man who loved nothing more than his family and country. With memories from Matt's father, friends, and family, this memoir will surely pull at heartstrings.

As Julie reflects on the death of her firstborn son, she informs parents and children of the dangers of suicide, the difficulty of coping, the pain of everyday life, and lastly the days that happiness returns, even if just a little bit.

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