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Plague in the Mirror

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There's a certain kind of silence when you wake in the deep of night, in a strange bed, knowing that someone else is in the room.

And seventeen-year-old May has just awoken to...what? A ghost girl. A girl with May's face, hair, and complexion. A ghostly twin named Cristofana. And this twin wants a favor of May: Come to Old Florence; come to the year 1348.

In modern-day Florence for the summer, May is soon seduced into saying yes. And when she encounters a brooding medieval painter, her curiosity about the past explodes into desire.

But Old Florence is falling apart: the Black Death is sweeping the city, and Cristofana has vowed to save herself by escaping into the future. May is in a fight for her life.

The only problem is that Cristofana is just as determined to steal it.

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