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Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell in Love

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Love is in the air at William Gladstone Middle School, and even super-rational Emma-Jean Lazarus is carried away. Her heart flutters in the most peculiar manner whenever she sees Will Keeler. Does this mean that she should invite Will to the upcoming seventh-grade dance? Emma-Jean's new friends say no, but how can they be sure?

And what about the mysterious note that Colleen has discovered in her locker? Finally Colleen has a boy who likes her! Just thinking about him makes Colleen feel brave and strong. And she is convinced that her genius friend Emma-Jean will find out who it is so Colleen can ask him to the dance.

But as Emma-Jean knows, nothing is simple in the seventh-grade wing, where misunder­standings lead to disaster. And this latest adventure takes Emma-Jean into the most mysterious and irrational place of all: her own heart.

From the Compact Disc edition.

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