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The 5 Laws That Determine All of Life's Outcomes

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Success is predictable. This book is about the laws that govern successful outcomes whether it's more money, fulfillment, self esteem, better health, connection with others, or any other aspect of life. 5 Laws control our outcomes in life... whether we know them or not. These laws control our speed and trajectory in life and most importantly how we deal with others. This book outlines in practical terms how those who are super successful apply these laws differently than those who are merely average or above average. Praise for the 5 Laws: The 5 Laws sets you up to win, teaching you to how to be better, break negative patterns, and build upward momentum. Your behaviors indeed predict your future, and the inside-out approach of Brett's work will put you on the path to success. --Stephen M. R. Covey, author of The New York Times bestseller The Speed of Trust. Brett has an uncanny ability to connect people s behaviors to their results. The 5 laws book offers incredible insights into why people succeed and fail. What's more, it provides practical ways to accelerate success. --William F. Farley, CEO, Zrii, Former CEO, Fruit of the Loom Success is predictable -- IF you know the five laws that determine it. Get this book and learn them, live them, and profit from them -- NOW -- Dr. Joe Vitale, author, The Attractor Factor Brett possesses many gifts including the rare ability to look deep into individuals and companies and see patterns that determine outcomes. Brett also possesses an uncanny gift of teaching others to look inward at themselves or their companies to determine those patterns and in this book he gives you the tools to change those patterns if needed to effect your outcomes. I have witnessed firsthand the transformation of people and companies when putting into practice the important principles taught in this insightful book. I highly recommend it --Randy Larsen, Co-founder, MonaVie Brett's insights into life and business are remarkable to me. Each time I implement something I've learned from him it completely transforms the thing I'm doing and makes it easier, more pleasant and more satisfying to everyone involved. The principles in this book are changing my life and making it better in every way. --Brenton M. Ripley Attorney At Law Brett Harward's The 5 Laws is a must read for anyone who is bored of the average and ordinary. Not only does he give examples of how to achieve success, he teaches the successful to have more success. I would sum up The 5 Laws in these five words: Brilliant, insightful, inspiring, direct and powerful. - Kirk Harpole President, AllMakes Masonry, Inc. I have had the great fortune to not only read Brett Harward's new book, The 5 Laws, but also experience Brett's personal training expertise. Both on the page and in person, Brett is one of those rare individuals who actually walks his talk. The 5 Laws is filled with real life examples of how these laws that Brett has gleaned over his many years as a business owner, personal development trainer and business coach, are at the core of what creates success in life, not just monetary but emotional as well. This is a must read at this time of such great change on our planet! --Steven Wand co-author of Living the HeartLife... Letting Go of the Hard Life

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