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Nothing Happens Until It Happens to You: A Novel Without Pay, Perks, or Privileges

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Jeffrey Reiner is stalling. After being laid off from a mundane job he held for eighteen years, he is in no hurry to get back to work, so he quickly dispenses with the nonsense of job counseling and resume building. Still, he knows that in order to make it through these economic times, he has no choice but to throw himself at any opportunities that come his way, no matter how humbling or embarrassing.

In Nothing Happens Until It Happens to You, the listener is witness to a man doing just that-leaving behind the security and predictability of his past to face the realities of his dysfunctional family and a world disinclined to do him any favors. With wry humor and perfect comic timing, this is a story of picking up the pieces and using them to create an entirely new self.

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