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Uncanny Stories

7 hours


A spine-chilling collection of tales of uncanny happenings, ghostly apparitions, unexplained mysteries, evil deeds, and tragic events. "The Upper Berth" - F. Marion Crawford
"Andreas Vasalius the Anatomist" - Petrus Borel
"They" - Rudyard Kipling
"The Parricide Punished" - Anon
"The Poisoner of Montremos" - Richard Cumberland
"The Vindictive Monk" - Isaac Crookenden
"The Phantom Coach" - Emilia B. Edwards
"The Bottle Imp" - Robert Louis Stevenson
"The Shadow in the Corner" - M. E.Braddon
"Number 17" - Edith Nesbit
"The Finest Story in the World" - Rudyard Kipling

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