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Dawn of Swords
Dawn of Swords
Dawn of Swords
Audiobook19 hours

Dawn of Swords

Written by David Dalglish and Robert J. Duperre

Narrated by Nick Podehl

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

On the young world of Dezrel, brother gods Karak and Ashhur, fleeing their own failed world, recreate mankind in an attempt to make amends. The fledgling race of humanity is guided by the First Families, men and women who will not age so long as their hearts remain devoted to their deities.

But quickly the realms are thrown into chaos by the construction of the Temple of the Flesh, built by exiled children of Karak in the unclaimed land of Haven that lies between the two kingdoms. Those of the Temple refuse to bend knee to either god, no matter the risk. Thus comes Karak's ultimatum to the people of Haven: destroy the Temple, or he will destroy it himself. But his fellow brother god, Ashur, will not sit idly by while thousands of innocents die. . . .

Can Jacob Eveningstar, the First Man to be given life and Ashhur's most trusted servant, prevent the coming bloodshed which threatens the survival of the fledgling human race?
Release dateJan 14, 2014
Dawn of Swords

David Dalglish

David Dalglish currently lives in rural Missouri with his wife Samantha, daughter Morgan, and dog Asimov. He graduated from Missouri Southern State University in 2006 and currently devotes himself to perfecting his craft. He spends his free time playing racquetball and watching PBS with his daughter.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
    In a new world where 2 deitys co exist with land evenly divide to them by a third, it is only a matter of time before the presumed peace is broken. When that time comes, which side will the people choose and will they prove their loyalties. There shall be wolves in sheeps' clothing almost as much as there will the strongest of souls & true character in some of the least likely of others.

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