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Perhaps She'll Die

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Chantalene Morrell suffers from terrible nightmares from when she was a child…visions of a dark barn in a wind-swept moonlit field. Her mother is inside, screaming; her father is hanging from the rafters for a crime he didn't commit. She hides in the field, watching as four hooded figures emerge, she knows who they are. Returning to her hometown of Tetumka in rural Oklahoma, Chantalene vows to learn the identity of her father's killers. One man claims to have answers for her, but when she finds him slain on the floor of his butcher shop, Chantalene realizes the dangers she faces in discovering the truth. As Chantalene relentlessly searches for more clues, Tetumka's quiet citizens grow increasingly hostile: her foster parents advise her to let the past lie. With the help of Drew Sandler, a local boy back home from the big city, Chantalene uncovers the dark secrets of both her hometown and her own mind, bringing her closer to the faces behind the shadows that haunt her dreams.

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