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Northwest Contract

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Summary what a gang of crooked cops has been taking care of-big and dirty business. Seattle, that northwestern stronghold of law, order, and the American way, is the scene. Mark Hardin (a.k.a. The Penetrator) steps in when he finds that a former Vietnam war buddy-now a cop-has been shot to death in an apparent robbery. But who was robbing whom? Mark doesn't know for sure, and he will find out. Just which boys in blue have sold their souls to profit outside the law while pretending to uphold it? The enemy is everywhere, and will stop at nothing. It's a stinking whirlpool of corruption that includes grand larceny, prostitution-and murder for hire! It's up to Mark Hardin to slice out the cancer and protect the innocent. The exciting 8th novel in The Penetrator Series. Mark Hardin wages a one man war against the criminal elements, terrorists, and evil organizations from around the world in order to protect the innocent.

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