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The Long Trail Home

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SAM FORTUNE DISCOVERS THE ONLY WAY TO ESCAPE THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE PAST IS TO FACE THE PEOPLE WHO WERE LEFT BEHIND. War changes people. For the Fortune family of Coryell County, Texas, the changes were drastic. The ranch was lost, mother and twin daughters died, and the family drifted north to the Black Hills; all but Samuel, the middle son. He headed for the Indian Territory that one day would be Oklahoma and settled in to a life of reprisal against any and all that he felt had wronged him or his family. That meant an outlaw life of robbing banks, trains and freight companies. But the Holy Spirit never gives up on one of His own. Having been released from prison, and on the run from former partners who now accuse him of turning on them, Same finds himself broke and on foot in the wild country of western Indian Territory. A story of a family reunion and a heavenly reunion.

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