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Pirates of the Outrigger Rift

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When the security director of the powerful corporation Nebulaco dies under mysterious circumstances, courier Sai Collins has one last top-secret delivery to make on his behalf. Sai has come a long way from her street-kid childhood, but she has her secrets-namely that she's a cyber-psi, a computer telepath who can connect to the grid without hardware.

A talent she's going to desperately need.

Because when she arrives at the drop point on a neighboring planet to make the delivery, she's ambushed by heavily armed goons and barely escapes with her life. Sai soon realizes that she's in the middle of something far more complex and far-reaching than she ever imagined, and if she's going to make it out of this alive, she'll have to turn to a couple of unlikely heroes: the charming, down-on-his-luck pilot Hank Jensen and jaded private investigator Mike Chandler, who follows no one's rules but his own. Their mission: take down the most dangerous pirate in the galaxy.

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