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Lyncher's Moon
Lyncher's Moon
Lyncher's Moon
Audiobook5 hours

Lyncher's Moon

Written by Will C. Knott

Narrated by Michael Taylor

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Harlow Brewster had purchased the North Basin grasslands from the Shoshone fair and square, and paid for the land with blood. So the boss of the Lazy 8 wasn't about to see a bunch of nesters turn his range into a plowed-up dust bowl. If the law couldn't get rid of the grangers, Brewster would make his own law--with a couple of loads of buckshot and a stout piece of hangin' rope.
Release dateJan 15, 2004
Lyncher's Moon

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Rating: 4.176470588235294 out of 5 stars

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