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Deadly Promise
Deadly Promise
Deadly Promise
Audiobook5 hours

Deadly Promise

Written by Will C. Knott

Narrated by Gene Engene

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Wolf Caulder has tried to make peace with his past. Having traveled the trail of the gun to avenge his parent's death, Caulder seeks new territory to leave his history behind. Then, as he rides toward the ranch a shot comes his way. Wolf ducks the shot thinking, "so this is the way it is going to be...more guns, more killing." What he doesn't realize is the enemies ahead are a torturing murderer and a snake of a man straight from hell...only one of the three will survive, and Wolf intends to make sure it is himself!
Release dateNov 15, 2001
Deadly Promise

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