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The Quest
The Quest
The Quest
Audiobook6 hours

The Quest

Written by David Thompson

Narrated by Rusty Nelson

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Life in the brutal wilderness of the Rockies is never easy. Danger can appear at any time, from any direction. Whether it’s in the form of hostile Indians, fierce animals, or the unforgiving elements, death can surprise any unwary frontiersman. That’s why Nate King and his family have mastered the fine art of survival – and learned to provide help to their friends whenever necessary. So when one of Nate’s neighbors shows up at his cabin more dead than alive, frantic with worry because his wife and child have been taken by Indians, Nate doesn’t hesitate for a second. He knows what he has to do – he’ll find his friend’s family and bring them back safely. Or die trying.
Release dateJul 15, 2013
The Quest

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Reviews for The Quest

Rating: 4.470588235294118 out of 5 stars

17 ratings1 review

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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
    Too much waffling, continues to be gruesome unnecessarily..as long as I skip the blood and guts ( seemingly written by someone releasing horrible inner needs to do these things themselves..skipping them as well, I actually enjoy the story..I do not think the graphic details are necessary..as soon as they start I fast forward but sometimes you hear some whilst threading through those...I know we live in a world that has had and still has so much savagery, but the writer has some sort of a problem they are acting out in their books.. So keep hoping that they can calm down and the story will flow..but it doesn’t..EVER!! You can put pen to paper, have a scenario etc ..leave the disgusting full and minute details out ..yes there is a fight, yes they slay each other as possibly happened before and the maniacs of the world are still around, even our leaders seem to want everyone in the world to suffer and die, they seem to think there are invulnerable ..I have always known that bad times have and will continue to happen so it cannot be denied..but surely we do not need a blow by blow of the savagery of man and the finite gory details that I get a glimpse of hearing as I fast forward , hoping to restart once the gore is over..I know. Should not read any more of this author but I actually enjoy the non gory, non cruelty bits ( man or animal) I enjoy the hero and the heroines , understand they have to defend themselves and retaliate, but I do not need the gory details..even reading Andy Mcnabb stories are tolerable ( most of the time ) ..many authors can get a story across without such gore...this seems futile to keep reviewing, JA Jance and Vivian Stuart. And many others Can get a bad situation across without inner release of full savagery.