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Kiahawk Revenge

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How much abuse can a people take? This is the question the Kiahawk tribe asks itself. First the Chief's granddaughter is raped and murdered by a group from the nearby town of Lake Shanoha, then her fiance is framed and beaten to death while in the custody of local police. Now, the same group of Indianhaters have burnt the JBarS Ranch, the only outfit willing to employ the Kiahawks, to the ground. The ranch's owners, Josh and Sylvia are now drawn into the battle between the Kiahawks and town's evil doers. When the Kiahawks offer to help Josh rebuild his ranch, the same group who murdered the Chief's granddaughter, kidnap and attempt to rape Sylvia. Enraged, Josh seeks out his Kiahawk friends to help rescue his wife. But the Kiahawks are preparing for their own vengeance, meeting at the sacred burial grounds, as they call on their ancestors to guide them. While there, the Chief has a vision of a man and horse as one, leading his people to justice. When Josh arrives on horseback, he realizes the man in the vision is Josh. The Chief then spills Josh's blood upon the ancestral graves making him one with the Kiahawks, and imparting to him the spiritual protection of Indian "medicine." Painting a mustang horse on his chest, he makes Josh the new chief, Chief Lightening Horse. But Josh knows, that this new role, and medicine comes with a price, and a vow to seek revenge!

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