A Braver Man's Ghost Town

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A Braver Man's Ghost Town

Written by Royal Wade Kimes

Narrated by Rusty Nelson

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5/5 (12 ratings)
Length: 17 hours


Hawk Haynes was proud of Porterville Texas, a town he had founded. He had left it to go on a long honeymoon with Elizabeth Trudy, his new bride. When he returned a black cloud had descended upon the town. The peace and harmony was gone, and so was his best friend. Hawk was sure Lank Lankford didn’t leave of his own accord. Luke Tanner, an old army buddy had left with Lank, and that told Hawk things weren’t right. Lank would never partner up with the likes of Luke Tanner, a born killer. Hawk saddled up and headed out to look for them, little did he know the town’s problems had just begun.
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