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The Mystery of the Secret Shoes

46 minutes


Mrs. Baker has spectacular shoes! But, how can shoes hold a secret? Are they magical? Do they give special powers? Find out in The Mystery of the Secret Shoes by Sonja Lanae Solaro. A top secret note is found! Determined to crack the case, four young girls go undercover as spies. Fascinated by outward appearances, their first attempts fail. Twists soon come with stylish Mrs. Baker. There is more to her than meets the eye! Is she using her fancy shoes as a trap? Unbeknownst to the girls, Mrs. Baker is on a secret mission of her own. Through mysterious Secret Shoes, author Sonja Lanae Solaro cleverly weaves a lesson about true inner beauty, taking each step for the Lord and sharing the secret. The real mystery proves timeless, as the Secret Shoes wait to lead you on your own incredible journeys. Destined to be a classic as it intrigues and touches hearts of every age and gender across the globe.

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