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The Lewis & Clark Expedition: The Great American Expedition

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With Thomas Jefferson's purchase of the vast Louisiana Territory, the U.S. President was one step closer to realizing his dream of a nation spanning the oceans. The next step was exploration of this new geographical possession. Thus began the unbelievable 4-tear odyssey chronicled in eight hours. When Meriwether Lewis joined William Clark to jointly head the Corps of Discovery, their quest would lead to an enduring record of happenstance, heartbreak, and hope. Featuring unforgettable exploits and indelible characters such as Sacagawea, the young Shoshone mother who led the Corps upriver in 1805, this is an audio treasury of courage and adventure.

Ron has written periodicals for USA Today, The Tennessean and many other magazines and newspapers. He is also the author and narrator of Lewis & Clark, The Great American Expedition. Ron is an on-air personality on Nashville radio. He has narrated many audio books for Readio Theatre. His voice can be heard on radio and TV commercials all across the country.

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