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Slow Ride: Rough Riders, Book 9.5

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Slow Ride: Rough Riders, Book 9.5

Written by Lorelei James

Narrated by Rebecca Estrella

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars3.5/5 (43 ratings)
Length: 1 hour


Keely McKay Donohue is enduring the longest wedding reception of her life: her own.

The only saving grace is that Jack Donohue is finally hers. Usually her hunky man gives her everything she wants, so why is her groom denying her the one thing she wants right now?

Jack thought his secretive wait-for-the-honeymoon plan was romantic, until he realizes he's only put Keely in a fighting mood.

If he wants to get back on his temperamental bride's good side, he'd better find a way to sweep his cowgirl off her

©2010 Lorelei James (P)2014 Insatiable Press

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