Be A Powerful Presenter

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Be A Powerful Presenter

Written by Dr. Janet Hall

Narrated by Dr. Janet Hall

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Length: 24 minutes


Is Fear of Public Speaking limiting your life?
What is the true cost of your fear, in terms of loss of opportunity and self-image?

Do you have one of the following problems?

Inability to speak in front of groups
• Fear of being the focus of attention
• Discomfort in presenting at work
• Apprehensions about conference calls
• Nervousness about interviewing
• Anxious about performing

Stage Fright is not only a serious issue for actors and performers. Everyone has to speak in public at some time in their live! Wedding speeches, interviews, chairing meetings and formal presentations are all events that nerves can destroy.

Program yourself to STAY CALM, super-boost your positive mind-set and handle any challenges. Easily!

Dr. Janet Hall's "How To Be A Powerful Presenter With Hypnosis" audio was created to change your mind's perception of these events so that You CAN feel calm, confident and in control at your next meeting, using these proven NLP and hypnosis anxiety techniques.

Dr. Janet Hall's "How To Be A Powerful Presenter With Hypnosis" audio can help to soothe stressful emotions. You'll notice the difference quickly as your nerves calm down, leaving you able to give a great show every time!

Frequent listening will create a sense of being in control, calm and relaxed any time you need to speak, no matter the size of the audience or the venue.

So, if you're serious about wanting to perform in public at your best, then you need to get a copy of "Be A Powerful Presenter With Hypnosis" right now!

This is one of a series of hypnosis audios presented by Dr. Janet Hall called:"How To Get Sensational Results With Dr. Janet Hall's Hypnosis".

Dr. Janet Hall is a Clinical Psychologist, hypnotherapist, author, speaker and media consultant. Dr. Jan authored eight books on family and relationships and recorded over 50 audio-recordings, many of them including hypnotic material. She founded Richmond Hill Psychology in Melbourne, Australia.
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