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The Toby Peters Mysteries

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Why has the fabulous Bette Davis, the best-known face in the world behind Roosevelt and Hitler, been kidnapped-not once, not twice, but three times? What in the world does this star abduction have to do with Third Reich designs on America’s plans for a top-secret superbomber? And who else but Hollywood private eye Toby Peters to plunge into this hair-raising adventure in pursuit of the answers?

Spending about a third of his waking time on the phone and another third on his back (usually in hospitals), Peters penetrates a hapless spy ring composed of fourth-rate Tinseltown tough guys. He delves far too deeply for his own good into the bedroom peccadillos of Americas’s glitter set. And, as bodies stack up around him, he sets off to the rescue of a movie goddess. But who’ll protect Toby Peters from the divine Miss Davis?

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