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Kiahawk Reborn

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Josh, Kiahawk Chief Lightening Horse, was believed to be the one to help the tribe gain revenge, but he lays near death in Intensive Care. Now, the elders must perform the Kobaneea dance that will bring the great Chief Winter Wolf back from the past to help win retribution. In order to revive the dead chief, a human sacrifice must be performed at the ancient burial grounds. Meanwhile, outside the reservation those responsible for the destruction to the JBarRanch, and the brutality toward the Kiahawks, are running scared. There have been whispered rumors about what happens when the Kiahawk rituals are performed. These stories add fuel to the fire when several men from town are found gruesomely dismembered in the desert outside the reservation. In the eyes of Commander Stone of the National Guard, the timing couldn't be better. He has a personal hatred of the Kiahawk, and he sees the town's fears as the perfect opportunity to blame everything on the Kiahawks; allowing him to bring in his troops and wipe the tribe out. What he doesn't plan on, is that the Kobanee will work, and Winter Wolf, along with his warriors from the past, will return with blood lust and vengeance in their hearts.

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