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The Winter's Tale

2 hours


Mad with jealousy, King Leontes of Sicilia orders his best friend Polixenes killed, his child abandoned, and his wife put on trial for adultery. Sixteen years later, Perdita, raised as a shepherd's daughter, falls in love with Polixenes's royal son and returns to her father's kingdom. (Summary by Arielle Lipshaw)


Antigonus: John Doyle
Archidamus: David Nicol
Autolycus: Algy Pug
Camillo: mb
Cleomenes: Vicente Costa Filho
Clown: Baggz
Dion: Robert Fletcher
Dorcas: Patti Cunningham
Emilia: Laurie Anne Walden
First Gentleman: Skythrock
First Lady/Servant/Third Gentleman: musicalheart1
First Lord: Guero
First Servant: Sweetlilbirdy
Florizel: Mark F. Smith
Gaoler: Dennis D.
Gentleman/Narrator: Jo Karabasz
Hermione: Arielle Lipshaw
Leontes: Bruce Pirie
Lord: Rat King
Mamillius: Susanna
Mariner: David Lawrence
Mopsa: Availle
Officer: Bellona Times
Old Shepherd: om123
Paulina: Elizabeth Klett
Perdita: Karen Savage
Polixenes: David Goldfarb
Second Gentleman: Martin Geeson
Second Lady: Maria Therese
Second Servant: Lucy Perry
Time: Philippa

Audio edited by: Arielle Lipshaw

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