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The Caliph and the Cad

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Everybody knows a proverb: “Clothes don’t make the man”. This famous statement is proved in the book “Caliph and Cad”. Corny Brannigan was an ordinary truck driver, but he had an unusual entertainment.

When working day was over, he changed his rags to evening raiment and went to the lobbies of the best hotels. He saw elegant women and gallant gentlemen and tried to copy them. Sometimes he managed conversations with guests, exchanged cards and then carefully kept them for his own use later.

Mr. Brannigan acquired manners, but still he was just a truck driver. He was too poor to even order a carriage and he was very upset about it. But one accident changed his life. Once he stopped on the street to admire the sheen of his shoes. Well-dressed rich couple went out of pretentious café nearby and he heard their conversation. She was anxious about his attitude towards her, the man answered her in a quite rude way. Corny Brannigan decided to interrupt: “No gentleman would talk to a lady like that.” Abuse developed into a fight, in which Mr. Brannigan appeared to be a winner.

Nevertheless, after all he invited his opponent to have a drink as he understood one important thing and was grateful for it. This small incident made him believe: expensive clothes and luxury lifestyle don’t make you a gentleman. You are a gentleman or you are not, that’s all.

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