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Possession of a Witch

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A Man She Wants to Love
Lucia Ruiz believes in love. Though the reality of it has been scarce in her life, she chooses to look to the future. To have hope. Now fate has thrown a dark, hunk of a demon hunter into her life in the form of Ethan Drake. Set to accompany her on a dangerous quest, he persists in being aloof. Reserved. And downright unsociable.

For Lucia to succeed she must do two things. Find an ancient, magical artifact, and make a man fall in love. hard can that be?

A Woman He Must Resist
Ethan Drake takes one look at Lucia and thinks Danger. The Spanish seductress has everything he wants and offers the one thing he fears.
She sees love as a bright and shining promise, safe haven in a relentless storm.

He knows he must destroy her hope and keep his secret safe. Ethan Drake carries a wicked curse, and for him, love can only bring death.

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