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The Sparrow And His Four Children

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The Brothers Grimm were German collectors of folklore. "The Sparrow And His Four Children" is an educative fairy tale. A sparrow had four children. When the time came, his sons had gone out into the world. In the autumn the old sparrow met his sons. He asked them where they had spent the summer. The elder one stayed in the gardens, and fed himself with caterpillars and worms, before berries got ripe. Actually he was in a merchant's garden. The next son was at court. The third one searched for grains of corn on roads and highways. The youngest son said, that all who fed themselve without injury to others fared well. The old sparrow asked, where the son had this learnt. The son answered, that he was in a church. What did the father said? Read "The Sparrow And His Four Children" to know it.

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