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The Boy who Set a Snare for the Sun

8 minutes


At the time when the animals dominated in the earth, they had killed all the people but a girl and her little brother survived and lived in fear. The boy was a little pigmy and that the task of providing food fell wholly upon his sister. One day she went out to get some wood for the lodge-fire and took little brother with her. She made him a bow and arrows and said: "I will leave you because I must gather the wood for fire. You should hide yourself, and kill some snow-birds." He tried his best to kill one, but he came home unsuccessful. The sister reassured him and said that he shouldn't despair and try one more time. Next day he succeeded to kill a bird. He was very proud. After he went for a walk, he found a beautiful meadow. He was tired and laid on the ground and fell asleep. While he was sleeping the sunbeams hit him and damaged his clothes. He said that he would revenge the Sun for it.

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