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The English Fairy Tales collection is a remarkable treasure, a work that contains the best-loved tales of your childhood! This volume seeks to reclaim the powerful cultural legacy, presenting exciting stories that we all think we know while at the same time providing the historical contexts that reveal the mysteries of the fairy tales. The English Fairy Tales is a collection that will rank as one of the greatest fairy tale volumes in many decades, a marvelous and original work to be treasured by students, parents, and children! Hereafterthis is a funny and instructive story about farmer Jan and his new wife. Jan lived all alone by himself in a little farmhouse. One day he found himself a wife and they were wed. But the new wife turned out to be no so good wife in terms of milking, cooking, baking and other things. He had to overcome some troubles living with such an unskillful wife. All activities she undertakes become a disaster. Which consequences will they face? Find out the answer by reading this fascinating book!

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