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The Secret Life of Becky Miller

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Popular freelance writer and conference speaker Sharon Hinck draws on her experience as a home-schooling mother of four to create Erma Bombeck-like episodes that tickle the funny bone and touch the heart. Hinck’s debut novel is an amusing yet inspiring look at a woman whose efforts to become the consummate wife, mother, and Christian often trigger her madcap imagination. In hilarious Walter Mitty fantasies, Becky Miller defeats attacking Ninjas, wins grueling NASCAR races, and repairs orbiting satellites. If only this frazzled stay-at-home mom with three young kids could finish her teaching degree, do great things for God, and still have energy left for her husband! But with little time to become the super-mom a national magazine thinks she is, Becky suddenly faces even greater challenges that reveal what’s most important—from God’s perspective.
Johanna Parker’s dramatic narration underscores the laugh-out-loud humor and profound truth in this compelling portrayal of a struggling housewife learning to trust the Lord.
“Christian authors are giving the literary world a run for their money, and Sharon Hick is at the front of the pack. The Secret Life of Becky Miller, written in James Thurber’s Walter Mitty-style, packs an Emeril-sized BAM!”—Anne L. Mulligan

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