Lookin' for Luv

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Lookin' for Luv

Written by Carl Weber

Narrated by Kevin R. Free

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars4/5 (24 ratings)
Length: 12 hours


Carl Weber is the Essence and Blackboard best-selling author of Married Men. The hilarious story of four single black men in New York City, this novel takes the game of love from the playoffs through the finals. Kevin's got the good looks; Antoine's got the heart and soul; Tyrone's got the skills; and Maurice has all the heartless player moves-but not one of them has a good woman in their life (not counting their mommas). So what do they do? They call 1-900-BLACK-LUV, the ultimate African American date line of course! The outrageous experiences that follow-including dates with everyone from bible-thumpers and chicken heads, to gold diggers and soulmates(!)-have to be heard to be believed. This unflinching window into the erotic world of contemporary romance will leave mature listeners satisfied. An authentically voiced narration from Kevin R. Free ensures a laugh-out-loud good time. "Filled with entertainment . will have you laughing from the beginning to the end."-Kimberla Lawson Roby
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