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Love Without End

Written by Narrated by
Length: 7 hours


Chet and Kimberly have both failed when it comes to love. Willthey risk their hearts to love again? Chet Leonard's life was forever changed when his seventeen yearold son died and then, soon after, his wife walked out on their family.Over two years later, all he wants to do is hold onto his horse ranch and raisehis remaining sons to be honorable men. Kimberly Welch, widowed mother of Tara, a rebelliousfifteen-year-old, has reached the end of her finances and nearly the end of herrope. She and Tara come to King's Meadow to try to piece their lives backtogether again. Kimberly has no intention of become involved with the residentsof this remote mountain community and certainly not with any man. When 84-year-old AnnaMcKenna returns to King's Meadow and to the Leonard ranch, she becomes an agentof change and healing for the two hurting families. With her help, Kimberly andChet's families at last discover a love without end.

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