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Missing Susan

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Anyone with a taste for murder with a British twist will stand in line to listen to this riveting audiobook by internationally acclaimed author Sharyn McCrumb. Laced with biting wit, humor and a delightful helping of irony, Missing Susan carries listeners on a holiday filled with potentially lethal adventure.

When Rowan Rover is offered $50,000 to murder a woman on his September Mystery Tour, he is surprised to find himself accepting the offer. The thought of committing murder chills him, until he meets the beautiful Susan Cohen. After days of listening to her nonstop chatter, with insults tossed in every direction, Rowan reaches a startling conclusion: she is someone he would like to kill. And he is not alone. Can MacPherson prevent the murder, or will she unwittingly aid in a deadly accident?

Listeners will revel in Barbara Rosenblat’s luxurious reading as she delivers all McCrumb’s top-notch suspense and a first-rate tour of southern England.

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