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Harley, Like a Person

Written by Narrated by
Length: 9 hours


Harley Columba may still be in high school, but she’s growing up fast. With trouble at home and a stunted social life, she feels more like a survivor than a student. The only thing that keeps her sane is drawing and painting. The man who calls himself her father is a drunken jerk. He and Harley don’t look alike, and her mother refuses to talk about the past. To make sense of her life, Harley decides she must find out the truth about her father: his identity and his connection to her artistic talent. It is a search that will take her from her tiny home town to the streets of New York City. Harley, Like a Person is a brutally honest portrait of a troubled teenage girl. As Harley grows more rebellious, her story is not sweetened with artificial hope. Discover more about Harley, Like a Person at

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