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The Legend of Red Horse Cavern

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William Little Bear Tucker and his friend, Sarah, love to explore the caverns of the Sacramento Mountains. Some day the two youngsters hope to find the cave that holds a golden Apache statue that vanished long ago. But one afternoon, when they discover some spectacular rooms in one of the caverns, they also realize that they aren’t alone. Suddenly, armed bandits, the spirit of a headless Indian brave, and bottomless pits are lurking in the darkness that surrounds the two intrepid explorers. They have only a few tools and supplies. Can they be clever enough to find an exit from both the maze-like cave and the dangerous men? Gary Paulsen has won many awards, including three Newbery Honors for his popular books. His stories are always filled with suspense, action, and colorful settings. After you finish listening to The Legend of Red Horse Cavern, you’ll want to enjoy more of the hair-raising tales in Gary Paulsen World of Adventure.

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