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Discipline. Penance. Order. A Sanctuary priest's life revolves around
such things. But when Sagan is taken captive and thrust into the Alaskan
wilderness, he encounters a woman who challenges his faith and his
self-control. Valera is a natural born witch who almost lost herself to
the lure of dark magic. By rights, Sagan should shun her, but convention
will count for nothing in the face of a passion that could change the
world of the Shadowdwellers forever . . .

As Chancellor of the
Shadowdwellers, Malaya's first duty is to her people. Her bodyguard,
Guin, knows this only too well. For tradition's sake, Malaya must marry,
and the thought of this lush, vibrant, woman in a loveless union is
impossible for him to bear. Guin loves Malaya-not as a subject loves
his queen, but as a man craves a woman. And even if he cannot keep her,
he'll show her everything she stands to lose . . .

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