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Oh Yuck! The Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty

Written by Narrated by
Length: 2 hours


Ever want to know what that thing is growing on your face—and how it got there? How about what that insect is doing outside your window Oh, Yuck! has stories about these things and more!

Learn about vile bodily functions, including gas eruptions, skin breakouts, and escaping fluids. Witness creepy crawly bugs from your backyard to the deepest darkest jungles doing the grossest things imaginable. Gasp at history’s most disgusting practices, including mummification. Not for the squeamish or the easily offended, Oh, Yuck! let’s you get down and dirty with the icky underbelly of the world around you.

Joy Masoff makes learning fun for young listeners by exploring the things not often found in polite discussions—in other words, the things kids love. Be sure to look for her Oh, Yikes!, also available from Recorded Books.

“... this delightful volume will be enjoyed by fans of grossness everywhere.”—School Library Journal

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