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The Halloween Short Story Collection

Length: 21 hours


A creepy collection of short stories about ghosts, vampires, death, demons and unearthly happenings.
1. Satan’s Circus by Eleanor Smith
2. The Coffin Merchant by Richard Middleton
3. Over an Absinthe Bottle by W. C. Morrow
4. The Operation by Violet Hunt
5. Outside the Door by E. F. Benson
6. The Vampire by Jan Neruda
7. The Lighthouse on Shivering Sand by J. S. Fletcher
8. The Story of the Spaniards by E&H Heron
9. The Everlasting Club by Arthur Gray
10. The Lovely Lady by D. H. Lawrence
11. The Tarn by Hugh Walpole
12. Pigeons from Hell by Robert E. Howard
13. Pickman’s Model by H. P. Lovecraft
14. The Silver Mask by Hugh Walpole
15. The Anticipator by Morley Roberts
16. The Ghost Ship by Richard Middleton
17. Expiation by E. F. Benson
18. The Tiger by Hugh Walpole
19. Caterpillars by E. F. Benson
20. Dead of Night by W. F. Harvey
… and more than 20 other great stories for Halloween.

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