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The Rockery

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The Rockery

Written by E. G. Swain

Narrated by Cathy Dobson

Length: 26 minutes


Edmund Gill Swain (1861-1938) was an English cleric and author of ghost stories. He was a longtime friend of M. R. James, and his ghost stories show James' influence.

In this story the vicar of Stoneground, Mr. Batchel, is having the rockery at his vicarage dug up. He and the gardener discover an old yew stake buried in the rockery on which is nailed a copper plaque bearing the inscription: 'Move Not This Stake, Nov. 1. 1702'.

As Mr. Batchel is keen to use the stake to support the wobbly garden pump, they go ahead and dig up the stake, at the base of which they discover an old iron chain. In doing so, Mr. Batchel has unwittingly unleashed something very evil into the neighbourhood....
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