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They All Fall Down

Written by Narrated by
Length: 11 hours


God's grace will heal a wounded heart-but will He stop a war? They All Fall Down moves between history and fiction, mingling romance and suspense, as it tells a story about a band of friends residing at Helen's Landing, Malaya, and the destroyer Mariah when World War II explodes in Europe and Japan joins the Axis Alliance. The town's deep water anchorage and a rare modern hospital with ambiguous connections to the British Navy is a desirable port for any nation. As diplomacy between the Western Allies and Japan unravels, Mariah's crew and the friends at Helen's Landing pray that war will not come to this peaceful part of the world. But this time the answer is no, and in December 1941 the evil spirit of war is unleashed. All too soon Mariah's crew prepares for battle, while Helen's Landing contemplates the Japanese Army coming toward them at an alarming pace. The small band of friends wonder if this new war will lead to nations in the East watching in alarm as They All Fall Down.

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