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Polish Easy Learning: Language Learning the easy way with Collins (Collins Easy Learning Audio Course)

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Easy to use—learn Polish quickly and with confidence Easy to follow—listen, speak Polish and learn Easy to learn—Polish grammar made simple

Easy Learning Polish teaches you key words for the most important situations and lets you expand your language through a variety of activities. You choose whether to focus on learning the essentials or to progress to some more challenging activities—so whether you’re a beginner, or you want to refresh and build upon your existing knowledge, you can become confident in Polish without even having to pick up a pen.

Topics covered:

Unit 1: Hello, good morning

Unit 2: Excuse me

Unit 3: Where is..?

Unit 4: Over there

Unit 5: I’d like something to drink..

Unit 6: Have you got any..?

Unit 7: Can you help me?

Unit 8: I want…

Unit 9: Have you got a room?

Unit 10: It hurts

Unit 11: I want to make an appointment

Unit 12: What’s it like?

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